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Why Prosit for Lean Consulting?

The principal lean consultant, E.J. Lydon, has worked in Manufacturing for over 25 years, more than 10 years experience working as a lean consultant and delivering lean services. He has:
  • Consulted with over 150 companies in manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries
  • Facilitated over 350 Kaizen events
  • Presented at Industry Conferences and Trade Shows
  • Consults in North America and Internationally
      There are thousands of outlets for Lean Tools such as 5S and SMED, the Cornerstone applications of Lean. However, you want to trust your organization with consultants that not only have true command of the tools, but have successfully navigated the challenges of Culture, History, Negativity, and other Organizational difficulties to forge through and facilitate real impact and lasting change.

      You have made a good decision to pursue Lean, now make a great choice in your consulting partner.

      Call Prosit Today 267-808-6227

      Lean Enterprise Consulting Services - Prosit Consulting

      Prosit! "May We Benefit You!"

      Call Prosit Today: 267-808-6227
      Generate true bottom line impact and attack the issues that hold your resources captive. Call Prosit today, to begin the process of change for the future, for good.

      E.J. Lydon

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