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Business Growth Services,Executive CoachingB G Services offers expert consulting services focused on increasing the business value of your company. We offer a wide range of hands-on executive coaching, strategic planning, lean transformation and succession planning services for companies to achieve that goal as we "Guide you to the Top."

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Morrie Feinman is the founder and lead business advisor for B G Services (BGS). Morrie's many years of consulting, business advising, training include:

  • 10 years of independent management consulting experience working with a broad range of clients worldwide in developing business solutions and performance improvements in manufacturing, distribution, service, education, professional societies and other related fields.
  • 28 years of increasing management responsibilities for SPS Technology, Pilling Weck, Columbia Lighting and Chesapeake Display and Packaging.

Comments from Our Clients

"Morrie has helped us overcome obstacles, guided us through the strategic planning process and most importantly helped us become a better more profitable company. Morrie is always professional with our people whether facilitating a soul searching meeting or pressing us to stretch our goals and visions. With Morrie as our mentor we gained objective outside perspectives on issues that are critical to our success and profit"

            - Craig Marshall - Executive VP and Business Owner, Macron Dynamics

"Working with Morrie Feinman has been instrumental in helping our company understand the benefit of strategic planning and management through KPI's. Morrie has helped us design key performance indicators that are meaningful to our customer and overall health of our business"

-Jim Westhoff - President and Owner, A-Lok Products

"Morrie has helped us to define who we are…as a team, where we want to go…as a company, and reach our own personal goals…as individuals. Morrie is a valued business coach and member of our TEAM!"

-Cookie Mahon - President, American Kitchen Machinery

The services BGS deploys to grow your business values are:

Executive Coaching:

Develop disciplined action plans with metrics and timelines to monitor success
  • Establish Key Performance Indicators
  • Isolation Relief
  • Accountability
  • Improve Decision Making
  • Develop Action Plan to Improve Results

Strategic Planning:

Develop a long term plan for success and align your resources around the plan.
  • Develop Vision Statement
  • Generate Mission Statement
  • Establish Core Competencies
  • Create a SWOT Analysis
  • Form Gap Assessment
  • Develop Strategies
  • Monthly Monitoring of Deployment Action Plan

Succession Planning:

Build the team to assist the business owner in their largest and most important business transaction.
  • Identify Business Core Competencies
  • Assess Business Owner and Successor's Capabilities
  • Determine Business Owner and Successor's Skill Set
  • Summarize Gap Assessment
  • Develop Recommendations and Options

Lean Transformation:

Review business processes to reduce or eliminate non-value, added activities.
  • Establish a Steering Committee
  • Develop Key Performance Indicators
  • Lean Overview Education
  • Facilitate Value Stream Map
  • Implement "Kaizen Activities" (Continuous Improvement)

Customized Training Programs:

Developing training programs to meet your customer requirements.
  • Assessing Training Needs and Plan Development
  • Supervisory Training
  • Advanced Supervisory Training
  • High Performance Teaming
  • Visual Performance Management
  • Maintaining Customer Focus
  • Decision Making Through Consensus
  • Lean Training

Executive Forum:

Build a group who walks in your shoes and appreciates your role.
  • Educate Through Knowledge Acquisition
  • Enhance Decision Making Process
  • Establish Accountability to Peers in Network
  • Isolation Relief


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